School Supplies, Start Date, and a New Teacher

I’ll be sending out a mailing next week to all registered families, but as an FYI: we found a whole lot of things in the school as we’re cleaning up.  Also, we’re moving up the start date to August 23rd (half day; K-8 only) with the 24th being the first full school day so that we can still have longer vacations and get out on June 1st.  The “big kids” tell me they’re bored at home already!

But back to the school supplies.  We have a LOT of stuff in cabinets.

So, for now, we’re only going to ask for you to bring the following school supplies:

  • Tape (some masking, some clear Scotch tape).  We always seem to run out of tape.
  • Dry Erase Markers (thick ones mostly).  We use these up a lot because we have a lot of artists.
  • 4th-8th grade: A compass and a protractor (we have some, but would like to get some more).
  • A pair of scissors that works well for your age group
  • Headphones (not ear buds)
  • K-3rd grade: A smock or oversized t-shirt of some kind to avoid massive art messes
  • K-3rd grade: A change of clothes…just in case!
  • 4th-8th: gym clothes
  • Optional: Art sketch pads, special art pencils, etc. (if something’s on sale, go ahead and snag it and we’ll find a way to use it, but we have the basics covered.)

If you want to bring pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, crayons, glue, etc., that’s great, but we have so many supplies, we thought we could take a year off.  We have a LOT of kleenex and paper towels, etc. so for now, let’s hold off on those items, too.

Finally, we’d like to welcome Miss Kayla Preusser who is going to be joining us to take charge of the upper (4th-8th grade) classroom.  She’s a recent UW-Whitewater graduate with a strong faith life and has already worked on individualization, so we’re glad to have her aboard.

More details on everything to come!

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