Religious Education

Family Catechesis


What is Family Catechesis?

The Church teaches that the parents are the primary educators of their children.  We want to help you with that.  Plus, we should never stop learning about our faith ourselves.

Family Catechesis is religious education for the whole family.  Come to Mass as a family, eat a meal as a family, and learn your faith as a family.

We will break into groups by age for the bulk of the catechesis with Fr. Tim teaching the adults.

We will only meet as a group once a month, so we will give you parents a couple lessons to do with your children during the month.

We will learn a lot, have some fun, and be giving away some prizes!


Your family must participate in family catechesis and the child must attend additional classes in order to receive sacraments.

The child must be in the program for two years before receiving any sacraments.